Friday, February 27, 2009

Snuggly Bear and the big tummy controversy

Well, the tummy is getting bigger - that's what happens when you get pregnant I guess. Granted I'm in the very very early stages here, basically I just found out!

It seems this is happening to me earlier than it should be. Should I be alarmed? Should I be excersizing more and eating less? Either way it means one this weekend for new pants because hey, I can't fit into my current size 4's or even my size 6's. Oh sure I can get them on, just my little tummy prevents me from zippering/buttoning/eye-hooking them.

Did you kow they make pants designed for "all nine months"? I didn't but apparently they do. They also make teensy weensy bikinis, that even when not pregnant, I wouldn't go near with a 10ft pole! Well this will be an adventure to see what I can find to wear now that I can also wear months from now when I'm HUGE!
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