Friday, October 1, 2010


Max had his first ever surgery on 9/24. We've known that ever since he had his circumcision that the skin was healing over where the 'snips' were. His pediatrician was concerned that as he got older the chances of problems with him going to the bathroom would increase. At his 9 mo checkup the pediatrician recommended that we speak with a Urology specialist at Children's to see.  We went in late August and met with the specialist and he recommended the surgery. I asked if he thought it was really necessary. He explained some of the problems if we let this go on longer and he was quite concerned and wanted to do the surgery as soon as his schedule allowed it.

So, that is where we ended up on 9/24.  The Children's National Medical Center has a smaller outpatient surgical office near us (right down the street from where we work/next door to where I go to PT). We were told to be there at 8:30 am and to make sure that Max didn't have anything to eat/drink after 5:30 am. We got there and they did all the admissions paperwork and then we went back to the pre-op room to get Max dressed and so they could do a brief exam while we waited for his surgeon and the anesthesiologist.

His surgeon/Urologist is really a nice man. The whole team there was so great. They were so patient and tender and caring - not just to Max but also to us. They really kept us all at ease and comfortable.

The surgery took only ~35 minutes and then he had to stay in recovery for about another hour or so. We left there around 11:30 ish and went back home.

He was more than miserable the rest of the day. My heart broke for him being in such pain and the Motrin/Tylenol regimen just really didn't seem to take the edge off for him until about 1-2am. By the next morning he was doing much, much better.

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