Sunday, January 30, 2011

Destructo-baby and the January snow storm

Max has been Mr Destructo for the past month or so. I can have the house spotless and within one hour of him being downstairs it looks like a tornado went through my house.

He doesn't break things (yet) he just moves everything and dumps/spreads it out all over the floors.
My goodness, I feel like I clean house every single night!


The last pic is him last night after he found a box of baby wipes. He was cute with them. He was moving them all around, wiping the floors, he found a bowl and wiped it down too. Then he spent about 15 minutes carrying them from one location to the next and then to another.

A few days ago we got hit with a bit of a snow storm. We wound up with about 10 inches in just 4 hours.
This is a pic I took as it was still coming down hard:

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