Friday, March 30, 2012


Max was at a friend's house Monday. They live sorta in the country, so they have a gravel driveway. He tripped and fell. He landed face first onto the sharp gravel rocks. :(

(warning slightly graphic pics!)

I took him into the ER- he got 4 stitches. Total trooper! He was more upset by being wrapped up in a cocoon to keep him from wiggling than he was about the stitches. Hence the sweaty photo right after that was done.
All he wanted was that grape Popsicle the nurses were telling him about as they were stitching him up! Haha!

He hasn't been bothered by or even noticed what's going on with the cut or the swelling/bruising.

Totally looks worse than it is!!!
He's totally fine! We go Monday to get the stitches removed.

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