Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr Man's first Pediatrician Visit

So we went to the pediatrician's office on Monday 11/9 for Mr Man's first visit.

He left the hospital weighing 8lb 6oz on Friday 11/6. At the visit, he weighed in at exactly 9.0 lbs. not a bad weight gain for 1 weekend! He was circumsized the morning after he was born and that looks to be all healed up.

I'm breastfeeding exclusively and my milk didn't come in until Friday, so he had lost the 10% or so that is normal for babies in their first week. Was really glad to see he'd gained some back so quickly!

Now, so that part of the doctors visit went really well. Baby looks great, perfect healthy 1 week old. I however was in a fair amount of pain. And it was bloody HOT in the pediatrician clinic. We're talking like literally 90 degrees in the office. Not good for a new mom with crazy hormones, who is recovering from surgery, pelvis/hips killing her etc etc. I felt like I was going to pass out the entire time I was there.

It was also about 71 degrees outside. I swear I was probably sweating buckets.

It gets better.

So as we were going to leave, Sam goes to start the car and nothing. Dead battery. You have got to be kidding me. The car is just over 2 years old, how in gracious name is the battery dead?
I, being the noob mom that I am, also didn't have any water in the diaper bag/car for myself.
So I'm sitting here in the car fanning myself, nursing a hungry son, my pain med is wearing off quickly and I'm really starting to hurt, I'm shaking from being overheated and waiting for AAA to arrive. Sam is still not quite over being sick and is cranky. And I'm hungry. Ugh.

Mercifully the AAA man arrives (early!) and yep, its the battery. Not only can he jump us but he can replace our dead battery with a brand new one in less than 10 minutes. Go right ahead my man. Hallelujah we're on our way, new battery, healthy happy kiddo and I make it home to find that my mom had just prepared lunch which was waiting for us.

Ahhh, yes. Life sometimes works out quite well!

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