Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr Man has arrived!

My apologies on the tardy post. I've been busy: new mom, recovering from delivery etc.

So we checked into the hospital around 10PM on Sunday, November 1st. They started me on the Cervidil to start my labor induction. The plan then was to start the Petocin in the morning once my cervix had been "ripened". Wellllllll that didn't go as planned. I apparently am one of the rare people in this world with a reaction to Cervidil. I started shaking violently, burning pain etc. So they took it out and started me on the Petocin right away.

By late afternoon on 11/2 I was well on my way to being dilated. I honestly don't remember how far dilated I was when I got the epidural nor what time of day it was - there were no windows or clocks in my room that I could see, so the whole day was sort of a blur. I do know I started pushing around 5PM or so. The pain was excruciating. Not the pushing, haha pushing was a breeze. It was the pain of having my legs held. I couldn't feel the contractions or anything but I could feel my hip/pelvic pain every single push. So they called in the anesthesiologist to max out my epidural (4x this was done) so that I would be able to push - or rather, survive the pain of having my legs held back while pushing.

This went on for ~3 hours. I pushed in 1minute increments. At the end of the 3 hours, it was determined that his head couldn't make it past my pelvic bone and even if that could, his shoulders probably wouldn't.

So at that point we went in for the C-section. The doctor spent probably ~10 minutes just getting poor Mr Man's head un-stuck from the birth canal. He came out looking perfect and being in perfect health at 10:26 PM. Mr Man weighed 9lbs 4.7oz at birth and was 21 1/4 inches long.

After that I went on to the recovery area and Sam/Mr Man went to the nursery for a more thorough physical, cleaning and shots. Sam says during everything, Mr Man just winced as they gave him a shot or whatnot but never cried. Such a little trooper he is!

Mr Man and I were released on Friday, Nov 6th (Sam's birthday). During our stay in the hospital, Sam picked up the Flu. Poor guy, goes into the hospital for the birth perfectly healthy, comes out being sick. So Mr Man and I were quarantined to the master bedroom while Sam was downstairs in the living room until Monday of this week (11/9).
My mother flew in on 11/4 and has been taking care of Sam, Mr Man and myself. She leaves to go back to Seattle on Saturday. It has been SUCH a blessing to have her here. We wouldn't have survived without her.

I've had such a rough recovery. I figured it was because of the c-section. But honestly my incision barely hurts. What is so painful is my hip/pelvis/pubic bones. Standing hurts, walking hurts, sitting hurts, laying down hurts. I went in to the doctors office yesterday and it turns out that I have a piece of cartilage that connects the pelvic bone which has become detached on one side. It will heal on its own, just it hurts like hell and will take about 6-8 weeks to heal fully. Sadly, I'm also allergic to Aspirin/Ibuprofen so I can't take any anti-inflammatory medications to help. Tylenol and/or pain pill is all I can do for pain control. :( Story of my life there.
I will be going back to Physical Therapy next week - twice a week until the area is healed and the pain has subsided.

That issue aside, I'm doing well. My water weight is falling off quicker than I thought. I can actually fit into a fair chunk of my shoes as of this afternoon. So things are on the up and up!

More pics of our son, Mr Man:

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