Friday, October 30, 2009

D-Day - Monday Nov 2

So I went to the Dr's office yesterday for my 39 week visit and to see about delivery options for big lil baby Mr Man.

Short story is that despite all my hip/pelvis issues they think that I can push Mr Man out and will consider a C-section as a last resort (hallelujah).

My next concern was...but what if we have to do the C-section? How will this be determined? Knowing ahead of time that he's expected to be big, they're more willing to change up the situation sooner if it looks like I'm just not progressing at all or Mr Man gets "stuck" versus letting me labor on for hours and hours then doing it. I like that strat. While I'd like to avoid the C-section, I am realistic that it is a possibility and would rather deal with it sooner than later if it comes to it.

That all said, they also want to induce me - before he gets even more big. So, Sunday night at 10pm I check into the hospital and hopefully Monday (Nov 2nd) Mr Man will be born. Hurray!!!!!

I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited to meet my little man. I want to see what he looks like - the combination of Sam and I. I can't wait to see the fingers, toes and face he's been hiding on all those sono's we had.

As excited as I am, I've got to be honest in that I'm also a little sad. I've really had an enjoyable pregnancy and really liked having my passenger with me. Just he and I. Don't get me wrong, at this stage I'm veryyy ready to be done being pregnant. But I did find it really fun and really did love it. Before getting pregnant I couldn't understand why some women would say that. Now I do. Hopefully I'll get to experience it another time (or two?). :)

Its quite interesting to me how people treat you when you're pregnant. At first, when no one can tell - its just the daily routine as normal. But as that big beautiful belly starts to bulge out and its pretty obvious what's cooking inside, well...the comments and reactions are so funny.

The best reaction I had was at this Dutch Market near our house. I was coming out with my purchase (an obscenely buttered fresh baked pretzel and fresh squeezed lemonade) and this black man and his 2 lady friends were walking in. As I went to open the door, he snatched it open for me and yelled out "MAMA COMIN' THROUGH, MAMA COMIN' THROUGH" and parted the waves of people going in/out of the market for me like Moses parting the Sea. I nearly died. No one around could help but smile and chuckle.
Then of course come all the tidbits of wisdom and oohs/ahhs from other women. Nothing like a big 'ol pregnant woman nearby to get the conversation flowing. I'm curious as to what tidbits of wisdom is the most commonly received? I think mine by far was "enjoy the time now most when baby's hands are inside the tummy instead of all over everything else".

TLDR: Mr Man is being born on Nov 2 and pregnancy is fun.

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