Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lists are good!

I've always been a list person. For a little while now, I've gotten out of the habit of writing lists. But ever since Mr Man has been born, I'm realizing I need to get back into the habit of it. I keep forgetting everything!

So some days my lists are as simple as:
1. Take shower
2. Do dishes
3. Do Mr Man's laundry
4. Take junk on main level upstairs/to basement.
5. Go to bed early!

Even mundane things that get done that day, with a list, makes me feel like I accomplished something. Plus, it helps me not get sidetracked (which is easy and happens often) and if I do get sidetracked, the lists often help me get back to what I was doing faster, rather than trying to recall what it was I was doing.

But in addition to daily lists, I have lists to accomplish in the broader spectrum. Like things I want to do this summer, this year, within 5 years, within 10 years, before I die, etc. Some of this list making I've just always done but some of it I learned when I worked at the financial planning firm (Waddell & Reed, for 8 years).

It helps me strive towards them by keeping me accountable. Especially when it comes to stuff that takes finances.

For instance here's a small snapshot of a few of my lists:

To do this summer:
1. Swim with Max- lessons ideally
2. Little Gym 7 week classes
3. Organize the home office
4. Finish hanging pictures/artwork around the house.
5. Master and implement meal planning -either weekly or monthly and stick to it!

To do this year:
1. Figure out the minivan/SUV situation - either buy this year or figure out when to do it for next year
2. Paint the basement
3. Get the basement ready for Mr Man as a playroom
4. Change out the 'guest' bath decor to be more kiddo friendly and get it ready to be Mr Man's bathroom
5. Master couponing/grocery cycles to and track spending so that by the end of the year, I have a finite budget and can make it all stick!

To do in 5 years:
1. Be able to say we're debt free (minus the mtg) - which includes the last of my school loan + whatever minivan/SUV we're getting this year (or early next year)
2. Hopefully we can say we have 3 kids?!
3. Move out of the townhouse into a house with more bedrooms and bigger kitchen (ours is plenty big overall and we really like it, but it is short on bedrooms and the kitchen is teeny tiny).
4. Start homeschooling Mr Man and then other future kids as well

To do in 10 years:
1. Take a big family vacation each year
2. Go to Hawaii for a vow renewal on the beach
3. Go to Disney-world in Orlando for a week (with Sam's family too?!)

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