Thursday, June 3, 2010

7 Months!

Well yesterday, 6/2/2010, Mr Man turned 7 months old!

He celebrated by officially crawling.

He's been scooting and sorta rocking on his hands/knees for about 1.5 - 2 weeks now. But up until yesterday he hadn't put all the pieces together.

Boy oh boy can he move around quickly!

Lets see, at 7 months Mr Man:

  • Can crawl
  • Can roll from tummy and back
  • Eats rice cereal/oatmeal and other 2nd foods, in addition to his mommy-milk
  • Just tried the rice 'puffs' thingamajig- mixed reviews. He frowns upon putting one in his mouth, then smiles a bit later with tasting it. I think the texture throws him off at the moment.
  • Wears size 9mo clothes comfortably, some smallish fitting 12mo clothes
  • Eyes are still blue
  • Hair is a dark blonde - with some strawberry tones in the right light
  • Loves to laugh
  • Has no teeth still
  • Can sit independently - but cannot sit up (from a laying position) or pull himself up (thank goodness)
  • Takes roughly 2 naps per day and still isn't sleeping through the night (oh how I can't wait for that)

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