Monday, June 6, 2011

19 months

Max turned 19 months a few days ago. Just in the last few weeks his vocabulary and speech has really expanded. He got all 95th percentile marks across the board at his checkup.

At his 18 mo checkup he used only the following words: mama, dada, ice, hi and ball. He'd wave bye also.

He now also says 'all done', nana (banana), hot, shus (shoes), and juice. He also will now sign milk and point to his head, ears, and nose. We're working on tummy next.
He also makes the sounds for counting 1-2-3. Like the voice inflections that I make he'll now make also. He comes really close to saying two and three.
We're working on his S sounds. He loves to blow kisses now and says HI to everyone when we go run errands.

Now that it's hot out, every time we get in the car he says 'hot'! It's so cute!!
He's all about throwing things in the garbage can- saying all done as he does so. Or when we throw them away he'll say it too.

He's turning into such a little dude. As frustrating as it can be sometimes, it's the greatest joy!

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