Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer fun

So far Max and I have been having a good bit of fun this summer. He is LOVING going outside. All we have to do now is mention 'outside' and he heads to the back door. If he doesn't have shoes on, he grabs them and shoves them at me. If the TV happens to be on, he turns it and the cable box off (smart kid!). He gets very irritated with us if we don't go outside at least 2x per day.  He will point to the door/window, grab our pant legs and try to pull us to the door, he'll even stand by the door and cry/beat on the door to try to coax us to go out.  And yes he'll do this at 1am if he happens to wake up!

So even if its raining or he's sick, we still have to go out. Sometimes its just a ride to fill up the gas tank and come home. Sometimes its errands. Sometimes its a walk around the neighborhood or getting the mail. Doesn't matter how long we're outside as long as we go then he's satisfied!

As long as it hasn't been pouring down rain or over 100 degrees we try to hit the playground during the morning/early afternoons (before all the big kids from the neighborhood take it over). He's really been having fun. He even has finally learned how to climb up the equipment and go down the slide by himself. Here's us on a walk.

And here's him playing with his new back yard water/sand table. Haven't gotten the sand yet, decided for now to just leave it water only. He LOVES it.

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