Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oh its been a while

Well as the title says, its been a while. I'm about 36 weeks now.

We've been to the hospital once - everything was right (severe contractions, 3-5 min apart, each lasting 1-3 min) but I wasn't dilated yet, so back home we went. I've been having contractions almost daily now for a week. Sometimes they last just 2-3 hours and sometimes they last 5-6 hours. But so far, none seem to be the "head to the hospital" type.

I'm also on a partial bed-rest/reduced activity. I'm not very good at this sitting still thing. My first day of bed-rest involved me cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming 2 floors of the house, doing 3 loads of laundry and cooking dinner. Apparently that's not what they meant by 'reduced activity'. I did sit for a while and take a couple naps though. That's good right? right?

So that's been this past week.

At my 34 week visit last week we had a standard sono performed. They determined that Mr Man was measuring in at 37.5 weeks from the body measurements they took. The sono tech kept saying "man this baby is HUGE". They decided to adjust my due date ahead a week (again) so that's why I'm now 36 weeks even though my 34 week scan was last week. Confusing...I know. They estimate that if I get to full term with him he'll likely be 10-11 lbs. Time to shift my birthing thoughts towards C-section if that's the case. Ouchie! I'd post his sono pics normally but he's so dang big they couldn't really get a good shot of him. They just look like blurs. Blech, not worth posting. You'll just have to wait and see him after he's born!

As for the time since the last post - nursery is all done. I was sort of obsessed to get the big stuff all done before 27 weeks (which I did). But now all the wall decor is up, all the clothes/blankets and stuff are washed. The diaper kit is all ready to go. Birthing class is done, hospital tour is done. Pediatrician has been selected. Only thing not done is that the earliest appointment we could get to install the car-seat is Oct 15th. We'll see if I make it. If not, Sam will be swinging by the local Fire Dept to have them check/install it in an 'emergency' situation.

Here's a pic of the nursery with furniture:

I was given 2 baby showers by family - one from my family in Seattle when we were there for the 4th of July and one a couple weeks back with Sam's family. Both were really great and Mr Man has so many adorable outfits to wear now.

Here's a pic from the Seattle shower:

My pregnancy overall has been really good. No morning sickness, no weird cravings, no weird smell issues, no back pain. Just hip pain that started towards the end of my 2nd trimester. I've been going to PT for it, which has helped a TON. Highly recommend it. One of these days I intend to do a long winded series of posts with my take on pregnancy. Some of the do's and don'ts and a lot of the stuff your girlfriends/family just frankly didn't tell you. But that's for later. Right now, here's to wishing this little guy arrives soon and is super healthy.

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