Saturday, October 3, 2009

Regarding cooking

I'm sort of a novice at cooking. After several years of not really being allowed to cook, I can finally do so. So I'm learning.

One thing I've found though is that there are certain things you like in the kitchen and think 'wow self, how did I live without this before'. I have a few of those things.

This is one of them:
This is the oval pot from Rachel Ray's line. I absolutely love this pot for pastas, asparagus and all sorts of other neat things.

One other must have that I absolutely adore is from Crate and Barrel. Mine is plastic and not bamboo, but same price/place. Great for scraping all sorts of stuff off china, glass, non-stick pots/pans and etc. Anyways, spend the $1.95 and you'll love it as much as I do I'm sure.

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