Friday, May 28, 2010


So recently I started couponing. Well, actually I've been doing it for years but in a very basic fashion. Unbeknown to me, there is an art to it.

For instance, I wasn't aware that you can use a store brand coupon (like a Target only coupon) plus a manufacturer's coupon for the same item.
You can also use those same coupons x however many items of those you are buying in the same transaction.
Additionally, certain (grocery) stores will double and/or triple the manufacturer's coupons (sometimes they place limits, like up to $1 or how many coupons you can use per day).

Here are some great sites/blogs for coupons and deals that I've found so far! - this site is great if you live in an area for any of the stores they list.

Coupon sites:

Also at Target - they have their own coupons you can print and stack with the manufacturer ones!

Now I should say that with the coupon sites above, you will likely need to install a printer program/javascript to allow you to print the coupons. They've been perfectly safe on my computer.

I also recommend that in addition to using your home zip code try some others from around the country - you'll see different coupons pop up.

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