Sunday, March 28, 2010

Packing up is hard to do

Well, this week I finished packing away all my maternity clothes and all of Mr Man's birth - 3mo clothing/accessories. So many emotions flooded me as I held those clothes. So many sweet memories.

The maternity outfit I wore when I got to see him at the 12 week ultrasound - tiny hands, tiny legs moving around.

The (white maternity) dress I wore on my wedding day.

The outfit Mr Man wore from the hospital.

I can't believe how time has flown by over the months. This time last year I was just in the early stages of my pregnancy . I had so many nervous days in my pregnancy. Was my baby ok inside of me? At the 12 week ultrasound they did a bunch of screens for genetic and rare diseases...I was crying and shaking during the entire visit. Even as the technician was going through the ultrasound and commenting on how good things were looking, I still was crying and fearful. Not until the doctor came in and said that without a doubt in his mind, my baby was perfect.  Oh oh! The joy! I can still recall those emotions as fresh as if they were happening again right now.

I remember how many times at work I called my OB/GYN's office to ask if what I was feeling was normal or if something was wrong. I wanted so badly for my little baby to be healthy and come and meet us as a perfect being. I prayed so hard and so often that God would give me a perfectly healthy and happy baby.

At the 20 week u/s that's when things really started to ramp it up emotionally.  We got to see what he was - no explanation needed. A boy! We knew at that visit that he was Mr Man.  He was rolling around and kicking and so super active - oh the inklings of what was to come!  I prayed constantly to the Lord to make my baby an active one in my tummy so that I'd know he was okay and that his movement would give me peace.  And the Lord answered that prayer as he grew in my tummy he was so active and would kick, hiccup and somersault all over the place.

At the 34 week u/s, oh boy we weren't prepared for what they were going to tell us: your baby is HUGE - expect a 9-11 pounder!  Wow!! You couldn't really even see him on the screen as a 'whole' baby he was so large, they'd have to just show us parts of him in segments. He was so big that every 2 weeks or so they'd do another u/s to keep an eye on his size - I was so thankful that I got to 'see' him more often now versus just hearing that glorious heartbeat on the monitor. At 38 weeks the u/s they took they estimated his birth weight to be 9lb 4oz. Man were they right on the money!

And now, here I am putting them all away in a box to save for when we decide to go for baby #2. I actually would love to get pregnant sometime this year but I just don't think its a smart thing to do. My hips still bother me and I just really feel that my body needs more time to heal and get stronger. I'm hoping that early next year we can start trying! As sad as it made me to put all these clothes with such special memories away, I'm excited that I'll see them and use them again in the not too distant future.

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