Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28

I was thinking this morning as I was gathering laundry in Mr Man's room about some of the things I wish I could do different or had known about.

Like for instance the mobile for his crib. I had gotten 2 through my baby registries and they are so cute! But they're the old fashioned hand turn and the music only lasts for about 2 minutes. Mr Man enjoyed them, but I hated it because they'd run outta oomph so fast. So they sit in his closet gathering dust. If anyone wants them for free, let me know and I'll package them up and mail them out. I have this and one that matches this set still in the package (think beige/chocolate animals, very cute).

So I went out and bought a 3rd mobile and this one, while not as "cute" and it doesn't match his room decor, we both love it. This is the mobile what we got. It lasts for 20 minutes, he can press and play the buttons, the projection pictures captivate him and the remote feature is awesome.

I found the Land of Nod just a couple days ago and finally found the decor items for his nursery that I'd had in my head when I started it. I got some adorable lettering and some cards for pictures on his wall. I'll post pics of what it all looks like before/after!

I wish I had a video camera. I have a small camera (batteries are charging) that can take some video, which I'll use. But when he babbles and talks in the morning, and screeches like a little bird - I wish I had them on video.
Maybe I'll have Sam get us a Flip. I've heard good things about them, and they're inexpensive, small and seem really easy to use.

While I was changing Mr Man this morning I had one of those 'moments'.  You know the ones - where you wish you could capture them for the whole world to see.  He was on the changing table, happy as a clam. He gave me this mischievous smile and then reached over, grabbed a (clean) diaper, smiled at it, smiled at me and shoved it in his mouth. Then he just started talking to it and me and giggling so much.

Such precious moments.

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