Wednesday, March 3, 2010

4 Months

I can't believe its been four months already. Lordy how the time has passed. Mr Man is such a joy and a funny little guy.

With each day I smile and laugh more and more. Its amazing to see how fast he learns things. He's able to rock from his back to his side. He hates being on his tummy -- tummy time is not a favorite daytime activity. He actually watches the book's pages when I read to him. He's playing more and more with his new activity toys.


The last week or so has been a bit rough - we think Mr Man is teething. They're not cutting through his gums yet but he's got all the signs. His 4mo checkup is tomorrow, we should know for sure then (btw we think he's pretty close to 20 lbs). It truly breaks my heart to see him in such pain, even with the Tylenol.

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