Monday, November 21, 2011

Cool toy!

So I got Maxwell this totally cool toy.

I saw it advertised a while back and have been checking on Amazon every few weeks to see if it was available. Last week it showed up here and it has been a hit!

 You can put your iPod Touch or iPhone inside it and turn on an app for your kiddo. The screen and the home button are protected behind plastic so that your child can't exit out or call people/delete apps etc.

Only negative so far is that opening the back to take it in/out each time you need to turn the app on/off or whatnot does get a tad old. But the plus side is, Max can't do any harm! :)

Also, I did some coupon shopping this week. I scored all this for barely over $11!

I saw a deal on these A&H refrigerator packs, and with our new fridge we needed some. What perfect timing. I spent a whopping $0.40 on these four. Actually the one on the top right, the store paid me $0.11 to take home! :)

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