Sunday, November 20, 2011

Projects around the house

As I've been working on a few projects, I figure I'd post about what I've been up to.

First I hung a bunch of pictures in the bedroom and hallways. Mostly I've just been lazy or unsure about placement, so all I really needed to do was get off my tooshie.

 I finally got around to hanging the blinds in the bathroom. They've only been sitting in a box in the corner of my room for 1.5 years now. :( Shameful, I know, not to have some up before this.

 These are the shelves in our bathroom that I finally coaxed Sam into putting up for me.
I really wanted to get the cleaning supplies and medicines up and out of reach of kid-sized arms.

 Various pictures I finally got around to hanging. Well, once I decided where I finally wanted them to be.
The Seattle picture below was a gift from my office mates in Seattle to me as a going away present when I moved here. I put it in the hallway upstairs here and it looks great!

Another project was to install this lovely organizer I ordered from Pottery Barn. They've just been sitting in their boxes in the basement for a couple of months. I couldn't decide whether I wanted them in the office or downstairs here by the phone. Obviously, it isn't in the office.

I've really liked it because I've been posting up my meal planning on it which makes it super easy to see.

Max's Bathroom

The final project I've been working on was sort of spur of the moment, really. I've known I wanted to change around Maxwell's bathroom. Previously it was sort of feminine with purple/beige and flowers etc. Its been fine for the last 2 years but as he's getting older and will start using it himself, I wanted something that was more 'him'.  But I also wanted the bathroom to be not fully "kiddie" and I also wanted it to be sort of gender neutral.

While at Target this week, I saw the accessories and they were on sale. I knew as soon as I saw them that they were perfect for Max's bathroom.

The beige shower curtain was the same as what was there previously. However I changed out the hardware for new ones. Its hard to see, but the circles on the shower curtain hangers actually have A-B-C-D-E-F on them. I loved the striped towels. The Target(s) near us were sold out of the large bath towels, which is why I only have the one. I hung the 2 hand towels there for the moment until I can get another bath towel. I put in the links to Target so you can see the close-ups of all the cuteness!

First off, the biggest change is that I painted the cabinet under the sink!! It was originally a blah craptastic oak cabinet. I hate oak! SO, I decided to paint it a dark chocolate. I still need to attach the hardware (simple silver nobs for the 2 doors). It looks SOOOO much better to me!

 The rug (with the circles) is new. Its sorta hard to tell from this distance but the cup and tooth brush holder both have letters on them (Circo Alphabet Dots). The toothbrush holder has A-B-C-D and the cup has the entire alphabet printed on it.

All the vinyl artwork I ordered on Amazon. I initially ordered them for the basement but I actually thought they'd be perfect for here. I'm so pleased with them.

 I loved the vinyl stickers so much, I but a "b" on the bathroom door and an "m" on Max's bedroom door. Looks pretty cute to me!

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