Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting Organized, Part 2: The Basement turned Playroom

Ok, so the playroom is pretty much done.

You can see the embarrassing pictures of the basement before I worked on it here.

In the pictures below, its quite dark (since I used my iPhone and took the pics at night) so the lighting is pretty awful. Overall I'm happy with the space. There are some minor things to do in there still.
For instance, to the left of the beige chair, I want to turn that wall there into a storage wall. We want to install something like this there.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Here is what the basement looks like now after I got things organized a bit and moved around:

 This is right as you come down the stairs into the basement.

 Obviously I'm standing on the stairs looking in. Currently, to the left of the easel is a large table/desk against the wall so that the small kids table on the rug is more in the middle of the room.

 The empty wall space on the right actually has a new chalkboard that I made from an old picture. The frame was nice so I just used chalkboard paint over the glass (covering up the picture) and then put it up. Very simple project and it really brings things together there a bit.

I've got to finish this part, the photo wall. I just need to sit down and select all the photos to print and get them into the frames and rearrange things.

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