Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter weekend

Well for Valentine's day, my step-dad gave my mom a set of plane tickets to come spend Easter with us. I was so excited (thanks Don)! She arrived Thursday evening and I set her right into the thick of being grandma and all that there is to do with Mr Man.  I had her diaper, feed him (haha, but more on that later), bathe him and generally smoosh him with love and affection. Then Friday we went to a baby store out here and then out to this huge outlet mall to get more things for Mr Man. 

Mr Man got hooked up! Bigtime!

So while we were out, we did find these little extenders for onsies that are really great. He's able to wear 9month clothes now - even though most of his 6mo outfits still fit. They're fine around, just a little on the short side. I think these little extenders will help fill that gap so he can keep wearing his clothes even longer.

We also went to this neat little store my mom was super excited about. Its called Penzeys Spices. They have all sorts of great spices at pretty good prices I must say - about the same as the grocery market but oh so much more 'oomph'.

We had a great time on Easter over at Sam's sister's house with their 5 kiddos. Sam's mom was there and made a wonderful lamb dish. I had never tried lamb prior to that. Everyone always says how "gamey" it tastes and that its an acquired taste.  Honestly, I thought it tasted great. No gamey-ness to me. I mean it didn't taste like any sort of meat like I'd had prior but I guess maybe I thought gamey to be like...grassy or something I dunno.

So about Mr Man and feedings.  
He still nurses about 95% of the time now. I try to feed him 1 meal per day of 'solids.' Lately this has been a lot harder. First off, he's so interested in everything around him during the day, he will hardly even nurse. He just wants to look around at everything.  He'll take a couple slurps, turn his head up to me, smile and start to giggle then look around or look behind him.
Recently, just within the last week or so, he has figured out how to do 'raspberries'. Now of course, naturally, the first few times he did these I was so proud and thought it was so cute. So I cheered and giggled and enjoyed it.  Then, he began doing them while eating his solids. I quickly learned I needed to feed him fast and feed him his favorite foods so that he doesn't try to splatter me with it.  I also learned I needed to arm myself with an apron and some diaper wipes for quick clean-up.

He does raspberries all the time now and it really is sorta interfering with mealtimes. Not really sure how to deal with it, except to hope that he outgrows it quickly and figures something else new to occupy himself with.  I'd love to hear from other mom's what they did.  So far I've tried saying "no spitting", "no, not during mealtime" (both yield blank stares), using a stern voice (yielded me a funny look), and stopping the feeding (he could care less). I've also tried not reacting to him doing it - but he'll do them in the car when he's alone in the backseat, he'll do them when he's in his crib and I'm in the other room. So me not caring or reacting has no impact on him doing them.  I really think they're cute, I just wish he'd not do them during meals.

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