Thursday, September 8, 2011

22 Months

I just realized that I forgot to write up what Max is up to at 22 months (which he tuned on the 2nd).

He must be going through a growth spurt because he's sleeping a long time at night- NOT that I'm complaining. I'm loving it, truly.

He's really working hard on his letters and sounds. For instance this morning he woke up and just hung out in his crib going through all the letters, sounds and words he knows. For like 40 min. I took extra time to get ready as a result. :)

When I come in now, he likes to direct me through the routine a bit. I think it's cute.

After I pick him up out of the crib, he'll grab me and hug me (my new favorite activity). Then point me to turn off the humidifier and sound machine. Then he points to the changing table. He hands me his paci and says 'all done'. While I'm changing his diaper, he'll try to give me a wipe or try to use it on himself. You know, down there. He knows which arm/leg is next as we put on his outfit. I love his little interactions in our routines.

He's learned how to say 'help' now, though mostly it sounds like heh or hah. But whatever, I know what it means. He also says up and he knows the difference between up and down. His down sounds like done.

Max has never said the word 'no'. Always 'all done.' He can almost jump entirely on his own- especially in an elevator.

He does try hard to say new words. Sometimes he actually says them by accident but when he actually tries then he can't.

He's all about figuring out how things work. His fine motor skills are so good.

He still could care less about books. I can't get him to sit for longer than 8 seconds when we have a book out. Literally.

He's loving kale chips, anything he can dip stuff into and Max can sniff out chocolate within 150 feet and climb Mt Everest to get to it.

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