Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Zoo!

On Thursday, Max and I headed out to the Zoo. The National Zoo here in DC.

The background: about a month or so ago, I looked up the information online about going to the Zoo, since I'd never been to the one here. What I learned was, it is free to go in, however they charge $20 for parking. Yikes!! You can take the Metro to the Zoo but the closest stop is about a mile away (slightly uphill, ugghhh). OR you can buy a yearly family membership for $70 and get free parking every time plus discounts on everything you buy in the Zoo. Sweet - no brainer there! We're a member now.  :)

The first time we went was while my mom was in town a few weeks back. We went during one of the worst days of that heat wave we had. It was like 105 degrees with like 80% humidity at 10am, so the heat index was like 120.  Ugh, to say the least.  We lasted 1 hour and no animals were even out- it was too hot for them!

Needless to say, that was a less then stellar experience.

So, anyways, on Thursday we woke up and had nothing going on for the entire day.  It was warm out but not humid at all so I figured it'd be a great day to head outside. I packed us lunches/snacks, got the car loaded and headed out.

We spent a few hours there and had the greatest time! Max really enjoyed himself and this time all the animals were putting on shows for us! Yippee!

We stopped by the Animal Farm first. I mainly took pics with my Nikon but haven't gotten those pictures imported yet. So I'll post a couple that I got with my phone first.

Here's some cows:

 And a lion:

The animal farm has 'petting zoo' hours but we weren't there during that time. Perhaps another time we'll do that. The cows there are so awesome- they really moo'd a LOT for all the kiddos. It was so neat!

The best part of the Zoo that day were the orangoutangs. I'll post later about that but they were the stars of the show!

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