Thursday, August 25, 2011


Today's Outfit

Inspiration Pic:

My Outfit:

(Ignore the messy bed/room and bad lighting etc)
Cardi: Old Navy, Shirt Old Navy, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: Target, long gold necklace: ukn

Regarding the shiny shoes. A couple weeks back, a sorority sister of mine posted something on FB about her having small feet and snagging shoes in the girls department.

I was like, wow. Really?! The girls department has all the cute shoes!

So while strolling through Target yesterday, I spied something sparkly. As in gold sparkly shoes! Yessss!
I wear a 6.5/7 in women's. I found for these shoes, the girls 4.5 fit best.  So for $14 here's what I got:
Cute right?
/happy dance

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