Thursday, August 25, 2011

Max's doings.

Here's what Max has been up to this week:

Playing in the park. LOTS!
Now that it is a bit cooler out, we can actually go out and play.

Max found the Fisher Price catalog/mailer and was entranced with all the babies/kids in it. He grabbed it out of my hands and held onto it from the house and into the car for the duration of our car ride. 
Total time occupied: ~45 min. Score!

Found these on Amazon and decided to give them a try. He likes them. I like them more. ;)

Went to make a donation at the local Goodwill and decided to see what they had (been doing some organization projects, always on the hunt for baskets/jars/etc).  Saw these and loved them. I've been looking for chairs for the playroom and these are in 100% pristine condition. They don't even look used.
$5 each and the best part is, they're from Pottery Barn Kids.  Deal of the month right there folks.

Cleaned out the office and found some old phone. Gave it to Max. For the last few days, he won't even set it down to eat, it sits with him. To say that he loves it is an understatement.
He wanders all around the house just babbling (Yeah, nana, yaya, mmmm, D) to whomever he's 'talking' to. He'll seriously spend like an hour just walking around talking on it.

Football season is quickly approaching. Max outgrew all his sports stuff. So I saw this on eBay and it arrived yesterday. We're all set!

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