Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Max at 21 months

Max turned 21 months on the 2nd.
I'm tardy in posting all this. He was sick. I was sicker. We've been busy. Better late than never :)

His vocabulary is about the same as it was last month. He can say more words than he actually does.  He does however understand everything really well and follows commands. He's just more into doing things than he is with talking. He is really good with the 2 signs he knows- he ignores most other signs I've tried to teach him. I do need to be better about using them all the time- especially with please/thank-you. I did get him to say water (wawa) today.

He's gotten really good at going up and down the stairs. I still put the gate on the upstairs but that's mostly just to keep him out of the rooms up there (aside from his bedroom they're not baby-proofed). We took down the gate for the downstairs after I tidied it up a bit and so he can go down there whenever he wants to play. I've been working on converting the basement into a play/school room. He goes up/down like we do if he holds onto railing spindles or if he's holding our hand. Otherwise to go down, he just crawls or scoots on his bottom. Its cute.

Max has finally started to take an interest in coloring- especially downstairs at his easel.

Sam and I have been working with him on the alphabet. I use the foam magnet letters and we practice sounds/words. So far, just about everything is a "D".

Example: We hold up the "M" and say the sounds and use it in a word. We ask Max what the letter is and he says "D" (dee). We hold up the "C" and say the letter/sounds and ask Max, he says "D". So between Sam and I we joke that instead of doing the alphabet, we're doing the "D's".
Although, yesterday he did run up to me while I was doing dishes and was carrying the "P" and the "B" and he told me both sounds -with the proper letters.  /proud
We only watch a couple things on TV and the one thing he did during a letter/sounds game with the letter "B" he ran over and started saying "B" (bee) and pointing at all the "B's". /proud

Here's a few pics to show what else he's been up to:

Max loves, loves, loves to try on our shoes.  He loves to try to put his own shoes on, but gets really frustrated so he moves to ours which are easier.

He really enjoys stacking and sorting things. The cat food is a favorite haunt.

He has mastered climbing up to and then going down the slide all by himself.

He loves trying to wash himself during his baths. He also has taken to trying to help pour the water over his head to rinse. He can do it pretty often. Once he's done, then he likes to stick the bucket on his head and chill out with it. Blackmail pics! :)

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