Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15

So this week has been pretty hectic around the Michael house.

Mr Man has been actually enjoying tummy time lately. Thank the heavens! Here's a little more on what he does (even though I sorta posted on it the other day). I can't help it! He just amazes me, I'm so happy and proud!
He's so so close to rolling over from his tummy to his back (he can roll from back to tummy for a few weeks now). When on his back now he loves to kick the ground with his heals. He actually worked up a bit of a clammy head the other night because he was having so much fun doing it. He does this thing now where he digs in his heals to the ground, pushes off and scoots around on his back. Its so cute haha. I just laugh at him and marvel at how he learns.

While on his tummy he's doing some rocking. He's trying so hard to scrunch up his legs under him and push with them. Just when he does it he tries to stuff his hands in his mouth at the same time, its so cute. Once he figures out something more effective to do with his arms (like pull or push up with them) I'm pretty sure we're gonna have a beginner crawler on our hands.

We've also been practicing sitting. He can't pull himself up yet, so I get him seated and then he tries to stay that way without tipping over. He's getting stronger.

He has so much personality - he's so bubbly and smiley. He's such a good little guy and truly a happy baby.
I tell Sam all the time how blessed we are to have such a wonderful, happy and healthy little dude.

As far as nighttime goes, I've been working on weaning him from his nighttime feedings. It doesn't seem like he really 'needs' them. All that happens is he winds up with a monster wet diaper (seriously, they feel like 5lb diapers). Its like the milk just goes in/out instead of being 'used' by his body for growth/nutrition like he does during the day (diapers are much less wet). He honestly seems fine with it.
For the times I don't feed him when he wakes at night, he just fusses a little, needs his pacifier again and a little rub on his head from me. Just that reassurance that mommy is there and loving him. He heads right back to sleep. I feed him ~1x per night now, when its obvious that is what he's wanting.

His new high chair arrived today - will post some pics/thoughts tomorrow. Thumbs up though!

I went to some doctor appointments this week. I found a new OB/GYN (more on this later), a family practice dr, got xrays taken of my hips/pelvis today, will likely need to work with orthopedics and will head back for another round of physical therapy. All this is for my hips. They've been increasingly painful for me in recent weeks and now that I'm not pregnant, hopefully they can figure out truly what happened and how best to fix it.
I told my doctors that I'd like to start trying for baby #2 at the end of this year or early next year and want my body to be ready to do so.  I'm ready and motivated to do what I need to do to feel better and fix whatever is wrong with my hips/pelvis etc.  So we'll see how all this goes!

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