Thursday, April 29, 2010

Therapy and Mr Man updates

So I went to meet with the physical therapy doctor this morning. He thinks I'm actually doing pretty well considering. He seems to think based upon today's exam that I might have torn/over stretched the ligaments/cartilage in my pelvis but doesn't think I had a full separation.

He gave me a prescription for a 6-day steroid regimen (since I'm allergic to NSAIDs) to reduce the swelling. I start back into P/T this weekend and will also have acupuncture on my hips/pelvis starting next week as well.

I'm excited to get started and get to feeling better.

Mr Man is doing ok on the sleeping thing. He still sorta wakes throughout the night - wants his pacifier and sometimes just some attention for a few minutes. But overall, we're pleased.

Mr Man really started rolling over and over today. Yep back to tummy and tummy to back. So proud of my little dude. He's so full of smiles and silliness.

He made a friend in the neighborhood today - she's a couple months older and I'm pretty sure Mr Man is bigger than she is. Sadly though, they're moving soon to another state. :(

Mr Man has been doing well on his solids - he has them in the morning and for dinner. He has a good appetite and seems like he's ready for the next stage of foods. 

Mr Man turns 6 months on Sunday. Where or where has the time gone?! Trying to think of something to do to celebrate it - taking ideas!

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