Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22

So I put Mr Man down last night around 7:30. He woke up around 5am (wow!) so I changed him, nursed him and he went right back to sleep until 8AM. WOWOWOW! I hope he does the same tonight.

This morning an acquaintance of ours brought us a Jumparoo. This isn't the one we got (as it is several years old, and is Graco) but its in pretty much perfect condition and so far Mr Man LOVES it! I put him into it right after I put it together and he played for about 15min or so. By that time it was almost noon and he'd been up since 8, so it was getting close to nap time anyways so he started to fall asleep in it. I moved him to his swing so he could nap while I made lunch and got some work done.

He hasn't rolled from his tummy to his back since that first day. Trying to practice with him daily on that.

I went out yesterday with Mr Man on a major errand day. We went to 6 stores! That's a lot. We had a lot of fun and Mr Man got so many great compliments everywhere we went.
While I was at the baby store (out here the closest one is BuyBuyBaby) I picked up Baby Signs. We'll see how it goes but so far it looks pretty neat.  I'm trying a few signs with Mr Man now - even though he is on the young side. So far I'm trying milk, sleep, diaper, nurse, mommy.  I'll be adding more as he gets older, but I think that about covers the basics of what he needs at the moment.

While I was out I went to Penzey's and picked up some Vanilla Beans. I'm going to attempt to make some mini vanilla bean scones/glaze this weekend - just like the ones you can get at Starbucks. I saw the recipe on PW's site a while back and since I love the ones at Sbux, I figured why the heck not. This will be my first time working with real vanilla beans, but it seems easy enough. I'll try to remember my camera to post pics.

As promised - here are some Mr Man pics:

St.Patty's Day - and we're rolling from back to tummy

I put Mr Man here when I take my shower. This is what I came back to.
The kiddo doesn't seem to like his socks on much these days.

And because its cute: 

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