Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A busy day - even a trip to the gym!

First thing we had to do today was head over to the pediatricians for a really fast appointment to get one of Mr Man's shots today.  He didn't even flinch. What a trooper!

After that, then we went to the gym. Today was Mr Man's first day at the Little Gym near our house.

He had such a good time! During the very first activity - a music/sing/instrument one - he got completely scared and screeched so loudly.  But once I moved him into momma's lap (instead of sitting on his own right in front of me) and momma helped him play, then it was all good. He just needed that little bit of reassurance that it was okay.

There were 5 baby/mom (well one was a nanny but w/e) 'couples' there. We had a good time. We did singing, playing, mom/baby aerobics and mom/baby exercises. One of them definitely worked my abs. Whoa!

At the end, for a wind down, they blow bubbles for the littles to try and catch or simply watch. Mr Man had a great time and really liked the bubbles and all the other littles.

We were there today as a free tryout to see if we'd like it. I think its a good idea for him to be around some littles his age on a regular basis - to interact and play and make friends. Plus meeting other moms is always nice. Afterward I signed us up for the rest of the season (which is like a month basically of 2 day/week classes).  I'll likely do the summer season as well.

I'd like to get into a MOPS group locally, but from what I can see many of them take the summer off and will resume in September. So I think doing the Little Gym through summer will be great and then hopefully we can get into MOPS in the fall.

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