Friday, May 7, 2010

Meltdown Day

Today was a meltdown day for me. Sometimes I just get a little homesick and sad. Today was one of those days.

It started off as a great day.

I took Mr Man to a park not far from here - and I must say it is a gorgeous park. There are a bunch of soccer/football/baseball fields, tennis courts, walking trails, tracks, picnic areas and the mother-load of all playgrounds.  Mr Man had his first swing ride and we played under a tree for a good while.

Then we came home and it hit me that its my first Mother's day this weekend. I should be happy right? I am. truly. But I'm also sad. I miss my mom, my family, my grandma. I can't help it but I do. This being a year of firsts, I'd love to have a picture of me/mom/Mr Man on Mother's Day - but instead I just have to show a 6mo old a picture of his grandma. Bummer.

We'll be going over to Sam's brother's on Sunday to spend time with his family. That'll be fun - its always so nice to spend time with them and all the kiddos. But at the same time, I'm saddened to not be able to see my family.

It was also a meltdown day for Mr Man. Second day in a row actually. I'm sorta wondering if his teeth will be cutting through soon. I can't really see any difference in his gums but he seems in a lot of pain when its time to eat and he woke up shrieking just a little bit ago. Thinking maybe his teeth, we tried some baby Ora-gel and it seemed to calm him immediately. Well and some momma snuggles too :) I'll keep an eye on things.

Sam and I were supposed to have a date night today with Mr Man. But I sorta canceled it due to me just being so 'blah'. We'll resume date night tomorrow.

I'll try to upload some pics later from our day at the park.


Sorry for my rant, I just can't help it. What is the deal with infant boys clothing?

What is it with the lack of seriously adorable boy baby clothes. Are there just 75x more girls born than boys? Do mothers out there refuse to clothe boy babies or something? Seriously though, I do NOT understand the disparity in infant boys clothing in relation to the amount of girl clothing and the vast variety of girls clothing.

Here's the thing. If you don't know what I'm talking about do this. Go into any baby store clothing section - Target/WalMart/Old Navy/Macy's/Nordstrom, heck even Costco etc. Count the number of  racks of girls clothes/dresses. Then count up the number of boys.  It is like a 7:1 ratio. I'm talking infant side only - the youth side seems to even out a bit.

I scoured probably 15 stores from February onward looking for a cute Easter outfit for Mr Man. I wanted a little sweater vest (preferably argyle style), a little shirt and maybe some khakis (blue or beige or something). If an adorable hat/shoes happened to match - wahoo.

Okay so that sort of outfit exists pretty easily for a boy of 12-18+ months. NO store had such an outfit in the 6-9mo range. None. But oh, they had 3843294798 racks of dresses for little girls in all sorts of colors/styles/lengths.  Ugh-Guh.

Do they think that baby boys don't exist on Easter? I mean there wasn't anything even related to Easter cuteness for a little infant boy.  The closest thing I found was the cute little unisex bunny sleeper that I got (picture is a couple posts down) at Target.  Do they think that little infant boys should be clad in some brown onesie with a dinosaur on it on Easter?
I mean, at the very least they could do up a little onesie/pant combo with say a baby blue or butter yellow top and maybe some navy/khaki bottoms and do like I dunno a bunny 'logo' on the top or something (think Polo shirt style). I mean, even that would have been better than nothing.

Holidays aside, I'm pretty positive that I currently own every style of Carter's 6-9mo boys sleepers and all the 'gender neutral' ones also. And I'm pretty positive that it pales in comparison to the number of girls sleepers. Considering at most stores there is 1 rack of  boy/neutral sleepers (combined) and about 3-4 racks of girl sleepers.

...Don't even get me started on the pants....

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