Sunday, May 2, 2010

Remembering the St.John's

I should have posted this last night but I didn't.

Saturday was a tough day. It marked 2 years since my beloved Grandma St.John passed away. I think of her all the time. I miss her so badly. I tell Mr Man all the time about his wonderful Great-Grandma in Heaven. Boy oh boy how she would love him. I hope Grandpa found her there and that they are happy and that instead he is telling her how wonderful her great-grandson on earth is.

My grandpa, Jim, passed away just this past March 15 after a long battle with lung cancer. I was so, so thankful that he came out to visit us over Thanksgiving. Not only did he get to meet his great-grandson, he also went and got to see the WWII memorial here in DC that he so badly had wanted to visit before he passed.

So so thankful for this picture and being able to spend that time with him. Thanks Dad/Lulu for that.

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