Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14

You know, while I'm doing mundane things around the house (like today's nasty chore of taking out the cat litter) I think of all sorts of great blog ideas/posts. Then when the evening rolls around and I have a few minutes to get on the ol' computer...I can't for the life of me remember all the neat (to me) things to post.

(insert wild rant here about me being allergic to Sam's 2 cats, cleaning up their hair off everything so that my baby doesn't ingest it daily, dealing with Gio's neurotic behavior all day, feeding the cats most days and yet somehow I get stuck with taking out their litter while Mr Sam just doles out treats and snuggles. They are his cats, how did I get stuck with the crappiest job in taking care of them?!)


So, some folks at work are having baby showers soon for little girls. I'm so excited! It gives me an opportunity to buy baby girl stuff! Have I said enough how cute and completely adorable all the baby girl things are?! Maybe its God's plan for me to have all boys because if I had a girl I'd probably put us in the poorhouse with all the cute girly things! j/k

To do (yeah, right...)

So, I'm determined to do some baking this weekend. I bought some fresh blackberries to make cobblers, I have some peaches ready for individual peach pies, and I still need to bake those vanilla bean scones. Sam says he'll babysit Mr Man so I can have some free time to do it all!

'Special Dinner'

Last night for dinner I wanted to make something 'special' for Sam for no real reason, other than me just wanting to. So while at Whole Foods I picked up a rack of lamb (cut French style). I made a fresh herb rub (recipe from Ina Garten).
Let me preface by saying that my first time ever having had lamb was this past Easter. I've never made it either. But watching an episode of her show - man it just looked so easy and so good. I'm happy to report that it is so easy to make. It seriously took a grand total of 25 min from start to finish. I pared it with some French green beans and a lemon-zest infused Couscous. I cooked it to perfection - nicely medium rare. It had good flavor from the herb rub/crust.
The meal was real good overall - but probably I won't make it again for a good while. Apparently Sam just isn't a big fan of lamb. It would appear I'm not also. I mean, its not like either one of us hates it or whatever.  We just both (now that I've had it a few times) aren't huge lamb fans.

That said - I had some extra of the herb rub/crust for it. I set it aside in the freezer because I think it'll taste awesome on some chicken or pork chops.

Chicken Prep!

So while visiting other mommy blogs I came across a really great idea. Safeway had chicken breasts this week fror $1.99/lb which is a pretty decent price. I got a few pkgs in the 'family size'. Once I got home I spent a few minutes to think about what I'll be cooking over the next few weeks.

So, I diced some up into cube size pieces for a few recipes and placed them in some freezer bags.
I put some in water and boiled a few for recipes that call for cooked chicken or salads.
I put some aside to put in the slow cooker with some tomatoes/peppers for having later on with burritos/tacos.
And I kept a few in 'breast form' for those recipes that call for them like that.

All in all it took just a few minutes yesterday to do, but they're all ready to go in small ready-packs in the freezer for easy defrost on the days I need them. No prep required!

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