Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

So yesterday was Mother's Day. My first one.

We went over to spend time with Sam's family in the morning for brunch.  We had a good time with them.

Sam got me a really lovely necklace - its a blue topaz with diamonds surrounding it. It has a really pretty cut (the picture doesn't do it justice, I just don't have that good of a zoom lens atm) - tons of facets. He got it because he says its Mr Man's birthstone but also his color eyes. So its to remind me of my little baby boy on my first mom's day.  I nearly cried - but I've been crying so much lately I decided to fight back the tears and be a good gal. Too bad he thought that I didn't like it :(  I LOVE it!

I even got the hubby to take a pic of me and Mr. Man!

I had a great day with my two guys!

For some extra pics - I got this outfit at Nordstrom on clearance during the winter. Doesn't he look like a little boy instead of a baby boy?! The pants are corduroy - and covered in kitty hair >.<

This is Mr. Man's favorite game - Airplane!

These pics are from Friday when we went to the park. 

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