Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Mr Man Pics

Its been a busy couple weeks.

Here's what we've been up to!
Sleeping in his own crib!

BTW this device is awesome! You can put fresh fruits/veggies/ice etc into it and the mesh keeps the baby from choking on it, but they're still able to gum it and get the juice and nutrients from whatever you put in there.  So far Mr Man has had bananas, oranges and pears.

             Eating fresh oranges for the first time ever.

A couple nights ago, I mashed a little banana with my fork and gave it to Mr Man.  This is his reaction:
I'm honestly not sure why the face. He has loved bananas. I'm guessing it was the texture and not the taste.

So while out doing errands today, Mr Man proceeded to show mama his new face. He was doing this face all day long. I finally captured it while he was playing in the jumparoo.
While doing this face he also blows out his nose - sort of like a snort. Its really cute.  Maybe that's one of those faces that only a mother could love?

He's been scooting around real well these days.

He's taking an interest in the cats recently. Can't say they really share that interest.

Click on the picture below.  Take notice of the long stream of drool. He seriously creates puddles of drool these days. Its funny to hear Sam say: "omg get me a tissue!" "omg slobber bomb!" "omg he got me!" You'd think the baby has cooties or something with Sam's reaction to slobber!

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