Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheap baby stuff

Ok so this is old. I should have posted this a few weeks back, but I'm lazy so yeahhhh.

I had read online about these two mom's locally who organize a twice a year baby gear consignment sale (but at their houses, garage sale style). For those who aren't familiar with consignment - it is you giving your gently used, in really good (like new mostly) condition (no stains/rips/tears for clothing; all parts and must work properly for all toys/electronics/etc) items to someone to sell on your behalf. Upon sale of such an item, you get a portion of the profits as do they.

So at any rate, I got up and on the road by 8am. I got there around 8:20am and was one of only 2 people there! That was my goal, get there early and get the good stuff before its gone. :)  I wasn't all that interested in clothes - I wanted shoes for Mr Man and toys. If something else caught my eye at a good price, that would be a bonus.  So I hit the shoes first and got some great deals! Then wandered over to the toys and they had just what I was wanting and then some.  I wandered around a little bit and picked up some odds/ends. All totaled, I spent $76 and got all this:

Toys! 7 of them, I paid for the tall one was $10, rest were $2-4 each

I got a Land's End diaper bag ($8) and some Alphabet Cards wall art (I want this for the playroom/basement, $2)

I got 6 pairs of shoes: 1PediPed, 1 Gymboree, 1 BabyGap, 2 Robeez and 1 other. All were $3-4 a pair (the Robeez themselves go for around $25-30 a pair retail!).

4 Nuby sippy cups ($1) and 3 doorknob covers($1)

Size 12-18mo - BabyGap, Children's Place, Ralph Lauren. I paid $2-4 each.

Not bad, not bad! I got some great stuff for Mr Man and for a great price. I can't wait to go back for the fall sale!

And here we go, he loves them already!

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