Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 12

Seattle Bound!

Well after going back and forth as to whether or not I wanted to go on an adventure - Sam had me order a plane ticket for Seattle so I could take Mr Man and go spend some time with my family out there. I'll be leaving here on June 21 (so we can spend Mr Man's first Father's Day here) and will return on July 3 (again, so we can celebrate his first Fourth of July as a family here).

I'm excited and petrified at the same time. I'm totally nervous about the airport and the flight. I've already started worrying. I don't want to be "that woman with the screaming baby". I mean, MrMan pretty much doesn't cry at all but I have no idea how he'll react on the plane.

And then there was the debate about whether to get his own seat (and bring his carseat on the flight) or have him on my lap. After doing some reading around on various mommy-blogs and talking with my own mom, I've decided to have him on my lap. At the moment, I'm about 80% confident in this decision and about 20% terrified. Here's to hoping it works out well!

Adventures in saving...or not?

So I did some reading around on coupon-ing secrets. I decided to try some out this week. I went to Safeway today and spent about $74 on food. My receipt showed I had savings of $65. Not bad! Some of the stuff was sorta fun.

That aside, I've also decided there are just some things I'm willing to pay more for. And that is meat and fruits/veggies for Mr. Man.
I've started making Mr Man's baby food in some cases and I just prefer him to have organic fruits/veggies. I could sorta care less about what Sam and I have, but for some reason, since he's an infant and so pure, I just want to make sure he has high quality foods going into him and little-to-no pesticides/chemicals.

I loathe the meat at the grocery stores - like the 'good' meats. More often than not, the quality sucks and it just doesn't taste as good.  I'm talking about meat for steaks or deli sammiches (not like, chicken breasts/ground beef, I'll get whatever is on sale for that stuff). So far I can't really find a butcher shop around here that is independent of a grocery store. So I've just started buying about half our meats and deli meats at Whole Foods. The quality is just so much better. And for not that much more in price I gotta say.

I found that Wednesdays at Whole Foods the deli meats are $3 off (9.99/lb regular, so Wed is 6.99/lb). That puts it about on par with regular grocery store prices. Then on Fridays, they have their deli meats at 50% off - or 5.99/lb.  Even better! And folks, the meat is great. Its not that water soaked turkey or chicken that you find at most groceries. Its like, a true chicken/turkey breast that has been roasted and then shaved. It just looks more appetizing.

So I figure I'll save on some stuff and splurge for a better product on others.  I'm all about balance around here!

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